The Goldrush Group embarked on a journey to determine their annual strategy in February 2016. After much deliberation, discussion and dialogue, our WHY Statement was formulated.

Our Mission is described as advancing the Gaming Industry by providing an intimate world class gaming and entertainment experience of your convenience. We will strive to maintain the highest level of integrity in everything we do.

We will always work with great people and employ or partner with great people.

A High Performance Culture

Is evident in a team that knows how to behave and act to maintain a competitive advantage


Is displayed by a team that is honest driven by strong moral principles.


Is indicated by a team that is dedicated to our business.


Is entrenched by a team that feels deep admiration for each other and our customers.


Is accepted by a team that accepts responsibility for every problem and action they take.
Offers problem gambling education, treatment, telephone counselling, research, and counselor training in Africa.

National Responsible Gambling Programme

The National Gambling Board is responsible for the oversight of the regulation in the gambling industry throughout the country and to preserve the integrity of …

National Gambling Board